Getting There

Getting there and the adventure is half the fun

 Christmas Island is the world’s largest coral atoll and is located in the central Pacific Ocean just north of the equator 1,200 miles south of Hawaii in the island nation of Kiribati. Air Pacific provides 737 Jet service to Christmas Island with once a week flights from Honolulu Hawaii in the north and from Nadi Fiji in the south. All kayak fishing packages are based around these weekly Air Pacific flights.

 Anglers accessing Christmas Island from North America via Honolulu will use air pacificr flight #FJ823. This flight leaves Honolulu Hawaii at 12:00 PM noon on Tuesdays. The short flight only take three hours and you will arrive on Christmas Island at 3:00 PM however in flight you will have crossed the International Date Line and it will be Wednesday local time. Christmas Island is the first place in the world to experience the New Year. Returning from Christmas Island angler would board the Wednesday air pacific flight  #FJ822 that will depart at 7:35 am and will arrive back in Honolulu at 10:35 am. However because you cross the International Date Line it will be Tuesday.

 Kayak anglers traveling to Christmas Island via Honolulu should try to book connecting mainland airline flight to arrive in Honolulu before 12:00 noon on Tuesday to avoid a Monday night layover. However many angler will choose to arrive in Honolulu on Monday and stay the night in Honolulu before boarding the Tuesday Air Pacific flight at noon.

 Australian and New Zealand anglers can access Christmas Island from the south with routes from Sidney, Brisbane, Auckland, Tonga, and Suva. Weekly Air Pacific Flights from Nadi Fiji service Christmas Island from the south. Traveling kayak anglers will depart on Air Pacific flight #FJ822 out of Nadi at 11:59 PM Tuesday evening and will arrive on Christmas Island at 6:35 am on Wednesday. South bound anglers would return on Air Pacific flight # FJ823 and would depart Christmas Island at 4:00 PM Wednesday and arrive back in Nadi at 6:45 PM Wednesday.

 Christmas Island is a very remote area of the world and getting there is half the fun. Because of this isolation the fishing is spectacular. The lagoon scenery is also very amazing. There is a lot of fun things to do on the island. This is one kayak adventure you don’t want to miss. Please let us know if you have any questions or have any updated information that would be